I’m an expert at helping founders scale as efficiently as possible through mentoring

It gives me great joy to provide hands-on mentoring for start-ups and small businesses ranging from sole traders to established start-up’s looking to scale.

About Me

As a sales professional and entrepreneur for over 13 years, I’ve built up one business, helped build several other start-ups, and worked in sales for global players such as Tripadvisor, Cisco Systems, NTT, and Softomotive (Microsoft Acquired)
I’ve experienced the ups and the downs of being responsible for a business. 
At quite a young age, I had to leave my own country Portugal in search of a better future. Life was tough and my first 4 years in abroad even tougher
I was alone, in a big city like London in search of something I was not sure what it was. 
It was then with a help of one friend I decided to study business and joined Solent Southampton University.
It was exciting, and after I graduated in 2009 I started my own vacation rental marketing company. I had made it. In reality. . . I had a business, too soon, and the vital details started falling through the cracks. 
Looking back, I should have seek help, but I just kept pushing harder and harder. . . 
I ended up learning the hard way—that working harder only works for so long. 
One day, out of nowhere, the littlest of challenges will come along and throw you totally off course. Normally, you’re a relentless problem solver, but somehow this time is different. This time, your entire vision, passion, and motivation vanished. 
That awful mental place you arrive at? That’s the land of burnout. 
. . .which is exactly where I found myself. I got really sick and had to do what no entrepreneur ever dreams of doing: close my business. 
I was heartbroken.
However — I don’t regret any of it. 
It became my chance to hit the restart button personally and professionally. 
In the years following and built a successful sales career as a result. 
I questioned, learned, tested new ways to bring balance in my life, made changes, and learned some more. 
Now, I spend my time helping ambitious entrepreneurs just like you scaling up their businesses efficiently by transferring my knowledge and experiences to them.

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How I can help you?

I work as a hybrid between start-up mentoring and board advisor focusing on B2B Sales & Marketing. My approach is a little different; I do not have a one-size-fits-all process.  
I am here to support you with my years of experience to help you avoid the mistakes and scale efficiently, what I really love is guiding you to unleash your business full potential through new ways of working, thought process and structure
My goal is to meet you wherever you are on your journey.
We will dive into the fabric of what you do and make sure it aligns with your core values and strategies. From there, we will create a simple, actionable plan for moving forward that’s tailor made to suit your business needs and bring your vision to life.

What Makes Me Tick?

Here are some of the things I value  most – I love early stage start-ups and all the creativity and comes with it. I genuinely enjoy figuring out how to make things work better, bringing ideas to life, and seeing the impact that comes from this. 
I love helping people break through road blocks and realise their true potential. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing people succeed,
I love to travel; Portugal is where I call home, but my work has taken and allowed me to travel the world. I’m currently living in England, my second home these days.

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Organisations I have worked with

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I help Start-ups just like yours unleash their full potential. . .
and I love the process that goes with it.

I love to share content
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