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Successful Collaborations

Through mentoring and Advise Tiago helps early-stage businesses to develop and thrive.  Tiago loves to see start-ups developing on the world’s stage.

See below some of the clients he collaborated with and continues to support.



Local Shopping Community
ooblee is a social marketplace, created by local shops and their customers. Together we preserve what shopping means - strolling, interaction, and the joy of landing a good deal. ooblee is our forum in the dull world of e-commerce.

Advised primarily the Director of Sales department, and CEO throughout ooblee expansion to the German market by improving B2B sales processes, structuring Sales department and advise on business development.

The focus of the mentoring programme was to provide guidance and know-how through the process of optimization of existing reporting and forecasting practices, fine-tuning of sales approach and materials, write up sales play book, upsell activities, optimize lead generation processes, and establishing in-house inside sales department.

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Thanks for reading, Tiago Correia

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