Through mentoring and Advise Tiago helps early-stage businesses to develop and thrive.  Tiago loves to see start-ups developing on the world’s stage.

See below some of the clients he collaborated with and continues to support.


The focus of the mentoring programme was to provide guidance and know-how through the process of optimization of existing reporting and forecasting practices, fine-tuning of sales approach and materials, writing up sales playbook, upsell activities, optimizing lead generation processes, and establishing in-house inside sales department.

I’ve connected with Tiago through EBRD's Star Venture programme, and since day 1 his mentorship proved to be a highly valued asset for our start-up. His vast sales experience in various companies provided us with necessary insights, that paved the tracks for us in the largest EU market. He was very dedicated to helping me establish the structure and organization of the Sales department, as well as day-to-day processes and documentation. Tiago is a kind person, and a great professional, and would strongly recommend him to any company.

Luka Mrkic